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Self care set

In this modern day, women are expected to have it all! A high-flying job, a loving husbands and well-behaved kids, a clean and organize house, a fit body... factoring in home-schooling all rolled into one! The judging and the competition is so real!! We find ourselves spending less time to attend to our own needs, less time to spend with ourselves.  We exhaust ourselves to the point of collapsing.  This month (in fact it should be everyday), we will take some time out to take baths, to take long walks, to stare at ourselves in the mirror to tell how much we love ourselves.

This self-care set includes:

1 x pink quartz to use for meditation

1 x Strawberry/Rose quartz sphere to remind ourselves to love yourself unconditionally

1 x Rose/Strawberry quartz heart to transmit loving energies 

1 x Ceramic hand to display your beautiful crystals

1 x Palo Santo cone for cleansing your crystals and sooth your vibes