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Love & Happiness

Obsidian Small Moon Carving




Are you drawn towards objects that radiate positivity and allow your inner light to shine through? Are you in search of something that would help balance out the stresses in your life, making you more confident to face your fears and overcome your struggles? Allow yourself to be introduced to the Obsidian crystal that acts as a mirror for your soul – quietly collecting the emotional debris from your past, purging you of unpleasant thoughts and emotions. Also known for its grounding properties, it can help you feel more anchored, connecting scattered thoughts and channeling your energy in a positive direction.

A powerful protection stone with a rich historical background, the Obsidian crystal acts as your ‘psychic vacuum cleaner.’  Think of it as a spiritual sanitizer, one that cleanses your inner most shadows, leaving you feeling refreshed, optimistic and vibrant.

Stone Origin: Madagascar