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Azurite Malachite Raw Crystal


Copper base gemstones, Azurite Malachite is an excellent conductor of energy that facilitates cleansing and healing.

Azurite, aka Stone of Heaven, provides you with fresh perspective of life and enhances intuition.  It is a powerhouse for your 3rd eye chakra.  It raises your consciousness level and heighten your awareness.  Effective calming stones, Azurite clears away tension and confusion

The combination of Azurite & Malachite remove beliefs/old emotional baggage that don’t serve you.  Fused with Malachite, it unblocks channels in your body, inviting back love, peace and harmony into your life.

How to use:

Place it between your eyebrows to enhance clarity or calmness when stressed.  Hold stone to throat to third eye to rebalance and recenter

*Avoid contact with water, do not inhale the dust.

Stone Origin: Sepon Laos