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Deluxe Chakra Set

This chakra set is put together to match the energies of your 7 chakras.  It helps you to dissolves any energy blockages and reestablish alignment.  Place them on your chakra points, relax and let light and positive vibes fill your body.

This chakra set includes:

  • Black Agate - Root chakra
  • Carnelian - Sacral chakra
  • Citrine (Heat Treated) - Solar plexus chakra
  • Rose Quartz - Heart chakra
  • Sodalite - Throat chakra
  • Amethyst - Third Eye
  • Clear Quartz - Crown

The selenite plate in the set serves to cleanse and recharge your crystals once they are used.

How to use:

To use chakra stones effectively, meditate with them, lay them on your body according to the chakra, and develop an understanding of the different chakras.