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Lapis Lazuli Pyramids

Lapis Lazuli – The Stone of Truth and Power


Lapis Lazuli is a potent crystal enhancing intellectual ability and finding your true self through introspection. It is for go-getters who want to take charge of their life, seeking risk and expressing themselves without any barriers or mental blockages. It acts as a powerful thought amplifier enhancing psychic abilities and intuition, bringing clarity and connecting the physical state to one’s destiny and divine purpose. Thus, this precious gem opens you up to your full potential, reminding you that you are your own spiritual kingdom. It is only by being conscious of our inner selves and confident of who we are, can we fully take charge of our lives and seek to improve internally as well as in our relationship with others. This makes the stone particularly useful for those working in a professional/leadership setting, those seeking to be in control of their lives or those undergoing a big change personally or professionally.

How to use:

Workplace: Place it on your desk or drawer for increased confidence and leadership ability at the workplace. It is also great for those who are afraid of public speaking or looking for a morale booster in a professional setting.