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Pietersite necklace

Pietersite – The Tempest Stone

CHAKRA: 3rd eye, Sacral, Solar Plexus


Possessing the power and beauty of a raging storm, this Tempest Stone is a great agent for bringing change and carrying a deeper spiritual awareness. Its appearance is strikingly similar to that of a real storm, with the dark blue-grey breccia aggregate made up mainly of hawk's eye and tiger eye, showing flashes of golden lightening amidst the deep blue background. It is a variety of chalcedony (itself a variety of quartz) with embedded fibers of amphibole minerals in varying degrees of alteration. Amongst other powers, Pietersite dispels illusion and helps one see the beauty of the soul, and to recognize the connection of humanity. It provides dignity and guidance, bringing the potential of the individual to the perfection of the source of all being.