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Sustainably harvested White Sage + Lavender Smudge Stick

Dimension: 10cm tall , 3 cm in diameter

This white sage (salvia apiana) is sustainably harvested from the coastal mountains of California and is known for its strong aromatic properties.  What sage is sacred to many and has been used medicinally and ceremonial purpose for thousands of years.  Sage is used for purification, healing, calming and is often burned as a smudge stick or in smudge pots to cleanse a space of any negative energies that may be present.  This power is said to be released from the plant by burning of the leaves.

Lavender is long associated with the Heart Chakra and the air element, and has been identified by healers as "The Mother Plant" and "Grandmother Plant" due to her multifaceted uses.  Lavender works to soothe and calm and heightens the feeling of happiness.  Lavender releases energy blockages and clears the energetic field.