Apophyllite - The Stone of Light

Apophyllite - The Stone of Light




A gentle yet powerful healing stone, the Apophyllite has high vibrations of light that radiate throughout your body and take away anxiety, stress, fear and mental blockages. Its high water content makes it an excellent energy conductor, syncing your entire body together, from the mind to the physical body and the spirit.

Considered to be one of the best healing crystals for meditation, the Apophyllite connects you to higher realms and helps receive guidance from spirits and guardian angels. The flow of spiritual light releases negative thought patterns, feelings and suppressed emotions, in turn leaving you feeling happier and calmer.

Origin: USA, Brazil, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Germany and Japan

Appearance: Apophyllite appears as cubic or pyramidal crystals that vary from translucent to opaque in single crystals or clusters. Also often features small inclusions of Stilbite

Mohs Scale: 4.5 – 5



Raw:  Smudge, Sound, Selenite, Moonlight, Soil, Rice, Sunlight (max 30 mins), use a small soft brush to brush off small dust.


Meditation/healing: Sit quietly with the stone in your hand for twenty minutes, or place the apophyllite pyramids on third eye during mediation. Breathe in the purest white light and imagine letting the Apophyllite take away the deepest worries and problems.

It is great to assist in Reiki healing by taking the recipient to a deeper state of relaxation.

Home and space: Place in any communal area to enhance the angelic energies and create a positive aura.

Apophyllite Clusters

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