21 products
    Obsidian tumbled
    Dhs. 14.29
    Crystal Cats
    from Dhs. 57.14
    Obsidian Double Terminated Points - large
    Dhs. 57.14
    Black Obsidian Beaded Bracelet
    Dhs. 95.24
    Obsidian Mini Generator -Part 2
    from Dhs. 57.14
    Rainbow Obsidian small sphere
    Dhs. 61.90
    Obsidian Single Terminated Points
    Dhs. 61.90
    Crystal Rabbit Carvings
    from Dhs. 80.95
    Crystal Owl
    from Dhs. 123.81
    Crystal Dragon
    Dhs. 133.33
    9 tail fox carved in different type of crystal
    Labradorite 9 tailed fox
    9 Tailed-Fox Carving
    from Dhs. 80.95
    Rose Flower Carving
    Dhs. 119.05
    Black Obsidian Slab
    from Dhs. 300.00
    Obsidian Cube
    Dhs. 66.67
    Black obsidian styled next to a white howlite sphere
    Black Obsidian Generator
    Dhs. 447.62
    Rainbow Obsidian Tearsdrop
    Dhs. 90.48
    Sold Out
    Crystal Howling Wolf
    Dhs. 133.33
    Rainbow Obsidian Sphere
    from Dhs. 85.71
    Golden Sheen Obsidian Lion
    Dhs. 133.33
    Golden Sheen Obsidian Beaded Bracelet
    Dhs. 114.29
    Silver/Gold Sheen Obsidian Rose
    Dhs. 85.71