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    Statement Clear Quartz Clusters
    Dhs. 3,360.00
    Raw Kyanite
    from Dhs. 60.00
    Kyanite rough stone - Statement Size
    from Dhs. 245.00
    Selenite Lamp on LED Lamp
    Selenite Lamp
    from Dhs. 365.00
    Amethyst Cathedral
    from Dhs. 2,210.00
    Amethyst Lamp
    Dhs. 560.00
    Treated Amethyst, aka Citrine, Cathedral
    Dhs. 1,680.00
    Heat treated citrine sitting on books
    Heat treated citrine crystal on book
    Citrine, aka Heated Amethyst, Clusters
    from Dhs. 445.00
    Rose Quartz Lamp
    Dhs. 550.00
    Amethyst Cave
    Dhs. 590.00
    Amethyst Heart Clusters on stand
    from Dhs. 550.00
    Amethyst Clusters on stand
    from Dhs. 1,650.00
    Amethyst Cluster Statement Heart
    from Dhs. 3,000.00
    Bright orange tangerine quartz in the sunlight
    Tangerine quartz clusters sitting on a grey background
    Tangerine Quartz Clusters
    from Dhs. 900.00
    Pink Amethyst with Jasper Statement Decor
    Dhs. 3,800.00
    Pink Amethyst Trio Statement Decor
    Dhs. 5,500.00
    Pink Amethyst Wings
    Dhs. 4,700.00
    Amethyst Sphere
    Dhs. 2,300.00