About OOAKStones


A privately owned company launched in early 2019.  We specialized in bringing exotics and unusual crystals specimens to energize your home and personal space.

Founded by KAY LI, a Hong Kong born fashion designer and has currently reside in Dubai for over 10 years. A reiki practitioner and a mommy of 2 children, it is in her daily agenda to inspire her kids to taking a holistic approach in their everyday living; Mind, Body & Soul.


“Crystals came into my life when I was in the process of finding my higher self. They have been acting as my spiritual compass ever since. They provided me with a much more focused mind and vision to align what I do & create with my true and deep belief. I became more grounded and live a much more joyful life with purpose.”


During her crystal discovery journey to learn their energy vibrations, she realized that there is a lack of uniquely beautiful crystals with a reasonable price tag. She decided to import her own crystals and founded OOAKSTONES (One-Of-a-Kind Stones) to bring in these unique earth's treasures to share with like-minded people.


With her experience in fashion design, combining with her contemporary & minimalist design aesthetics, OOAKStones presents crystals with a fresh and stylish angle to lift energy in your homes and workspaces.