Black Tourmaline - Your Body Guard

Black Tourmaline - Your Body Guard


AKA Schorl, Black Tourmaline is characterized by the striking black that absorbs all colours from the spectrum, it is a mysterious and powerful protective stone which absorbs negative energies.  This unique feature makes it a potent purifying stone that serves as a metaphysical body guard for your Aura and your surroundings.

Moreover, the Black Tourmaline is great for grounding scattered energies and bringing calm into chaos and anxiety. Due to its ability to convert dense energy into lighter and more positive vibration, it can be used to remove fear and boost mood, self-confidence and physical vitality.

It is rare in the sense that it is the only stone that can heal on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It can help provide protection against psychic attacks and activate a force field around the Aura. Along with providing a greater sense of calm, clarity and direction, it promotes optimism and emotional stability. In terms of physical healing, it helps balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, strengthen the immune system and detox the body.

Origin:  Sri Lanka, Brazil, Africa, Afghanistan, US and Italy


Mohs Scale: 7

Appearance: Shiny with long strained structure


How to clean your black tourmaline

Raw:  (Tap/Filter/Natural) Water, Smudge, Sound, Selenite, Moonlight, Soil, Rice, Sunlight

Tumbled: All of the above 

Personal Space:  Carry one with your to clear negative thoughts and promotes clear, rational thought and encourages a positive attitude.

Office: Keep one on your desk to keep the gossipers and backstabbers away.  It can also help absorb electromagnetic smog. 

Home: A definite essential for your entrance to dissolves ant negative energies from coming into your environment.

Car: Keep a piece in your to protect from unwanted energies.


How to use Black Tourmaline

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