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Obsidian – Your Spiritual Cleaner




Are you drawn towards objects that radiate positivity and allow your inner light to shine through? Are you in search of something that would help balance out the stresses in your life, making you more confident to face your fears and overcome your struggles? Allow yourself to be introduced to the Obsidian crystal that acts as a mirror for your soul – quietly collecting the emotional debris from your past, purging you of unpleasant thoughts and emotions. Also known for its grounding properties, it can help you feel more anchored, connecting scattered thoughts and channeling your energy in a positive direction.

A powerful protection stone with a rich historical background, the Obsidian crystal acts as your ‘psychic vacuum cleaner.’  Think of it as a spiritual sanitizer, one that cleanses your inner most shadows, leaving you feeling refreshed, optimistic and vibrant.

SOURCE: USA, Mexico, Scotland, Greece, Kenya, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand

APPEARANCE: Typically Jet black in color, Obsidian is molten Lava that cools very quickly and has no crystallize structure. 


All those negative energies it absorbs, they need to released, clean, purify and recharged often

Raw:  (Tap/Filter/Natural)Water, Smudge, Sound, Selenite, Moonlight, Soil, Rice, Sunlight

Tumbled: All of the above 

Home/Office: By definition, the Obsidian symoolizes protection, security and shielding from negative energy. Placing it above the front door or at the entrance can help radiate positive energy in your surroundings.

Bedroom: Think of it as your personal therapist. Placing it by the bed or under the pillow can you feel more relaxed and result in better sleep. For greater effect, place under your feet to feel the therapeutic effect take over your entire body, releasing unwanted stress and helping you feel as light as a feather.

Meditation: With its grounding properties, this crystal of divination should be held in your hand during meditation. The Obsidian is known to draw out your inner power that allows you to confront your fears and become more confident and energetic.

How to use Obsidian

Different type of obsidian



Golden Sheen Obsidian:  Effective in scrying., it releases any ego conflict to open to spiritual direction. It can help gather your thoughts and emotions, leading to a feeling of greater stability, balance and control.


Rainbow Obsidian: This is a gentler version of Obsidians yet with strong protection properties. It helps heal wounds from old forsaken love, cutting the cords and releasing lingering emotions but in a gentle and healing manner.



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