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A strong protective stone, Obsidian is your "psychic vacuum cleaner" that sucks up all the leftover emotional debris from your past.  It forms a shield against negativity and disperses unloving thoughts.  Obsidian is the mirror for your soul that can help you get in touch with your inner self and deal with those dormant issues.  It carries grounding vibration to help you feel balanced and grounded by providing an energy cord to the center of the earth. 


USA, Mexico, Scotland, Greece, Kenya, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand


Typically Jet black in color, Obsidian is molten Lava that cools very quickly and has no crystallize structure. 


All those negative energies it absorbs, they need to released, clean, purify and recharged often

Raw:  (Tap/Filter/Natural)Water, Smudge, Sound, Selenite, Moonlight, Soil, Rice, Sunlight

Tumbled: All of the above 

Bedroom: Place Obsidian by the bed or under the pillow to draw out mental stress and tension and provide calming effect.


Meditation: A crystal of divination, hold obsidian in your hand, quiet your thoughts and you will see your the answer you seek.


Home: Place it above the front door to protect negative energy from entering your space.

How to use Obsidian

Different type of obsidian


Golden Sheen Obsidian:  Effective in scrying.  It releases any ego conflict to open to spiritual direction and helps balance energy fields.


Rainbow Obsidian: A gentler version of obsidians yet with strong protection properties.  It cuts cord to old love and releases lingering emotions but filled it with loving energies.



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