Crystal Basics 101 - Cleansing

Crystal can store "information" each time it changes hand.  From the moment a crystal comes out from mother earth; the miner that dug it out, to the chain of sellers / lapidaries/ wholesalers, before it arrives to you to your home.  It has been absorbing so many different energies & attachments we need to discharge and cleanse them before claiming it to use for your higher good. 

When the energy of a crystal becomes dull, as part of crystal maintenance and to make sure they are vibrating at an optimal level, crystals needs to cleanse and charge regularly.

Depending on the shapes, form and type of the crystal, you can choose the appropriate cleansing & purifying method to discharge any residue energies.

Full moon light
Full Moon Light
Full moon energy is a powerful method to cleanse & charge crystals.  Simply put the crystals next to the window overnight.
Suitable for: all type of crystals
OceanNatural Water
Place your crystal under running natural water; Ocean, river, mineral water, for a few minutes to cleanse and reenergize them.
Not Suitable for soft delicate and porous crystals like selenite/celestite
How to cleanse crystalSound vibration Move the vibrating singing bowl above the crystals for 2-3 mins Suitable for all types of crystals
OOAKSTONES - Selenite bowl Other Crystals
Lay your crystal on an amethyst cluster or a selenite charging plate overnight to dissolve residue energies.
Salt has been used in many different culture to banish and purify negative energy. Lay crystals on salt crystal, rock salt or sea salt for 1-2 hours. Indirect method is highly recommended. Not suitable for soft delicate or porous crystal.

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