Crystal décor that beautify your home ❤️

Dec 13, 2020

With holidays just around the corner, a lot of us are looking to redecorate our homes or spice up the look for the festive season. While you light up your home with Christmas lights and add warm décor for the long winter nights, consider adding these crystals to your space to enhance the beauty and positive energy of your space:


Rose Quartz: These large translucent pieces in various shades of pink add just the right amount of warmth and love to your living room without it looking tacky or overbearing. You can rose quartz bowls in the bedroom to place jewelry and promote healthy sleep, or use some of the bolder shapes as stunning statement pieces in the main communal area as a symbol of harmony and bonding for your entire family.

Rose Quartz home decor
Clear Quartz: Our clear quartz generators/towers are an all-time favourite to be placed in the living room. It is a must-have if your space is white or monochromatic, and they can be placed next to candles or on a small table to increase their aesthetic appeal.

Clear Quartz crystal
Pink Amethyst: This is another head-turner for your living room. Not only does it act as ‘Nature’s Tranquilizer,’ sucking the entire negative energy out of your space, but it will also make for a gorgeous center piece in your living area. Style it around flowers for an even more dramatic effect.

Pink Amethyst Heart Home Deco
Amethyst: This has been a relatively tough year for kids, with the pandemic and distant learning. Help them become more relaxed and ensure a good night’s sleep by placing an Amethyst in their room (you could place it on the bedside or near the night lamp).

Amethyst point energy healing crystal
Crystal candles: What better way to prepare your home for cozy winter holidays than crystal candles? Whether you add these to your bathroom for a luxurious touch, to the bedroom to spark romance or place them in corners of your home to generate warmth and fragrance, these candles need to be on your shopping list for the week.

Crystal infused candles for your home

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