Get your Valentine something real special! FOR HER EDITION.

Are you looking for unique Valentine’s Day Gift this February? Tired of going through the same routine, red gifts the internet suggests? We at Ooakstones, bring to you the Valentine’s Gift Guide – gifts that are exclusively hand-made and customized, and that will speak to your personality like no other.

Below are some of your favourites. Drop us a message if you would like to know more about them, or shop directly online.


Rose Quartz Facial Massager
What better way to throw in some pampering this Valentine’s Day than through a luxurious massage. These Rose Quartz facial massagers give extra love to your valentine’s skin who will definitely thank you for the thoughtful gift. Used with a favourite facial oil or serum, the vibration will maximize the amount of nutrients that are absorbed by the skin, resulting in a natural glow and visibly healthier skin.
Crystal Candles for Valentine's Day
Nothing says ‘romance’ better than a beautiful soft fragrance. Proudly produced in the UAE by PureCandles, these eye-catcher candles combine the positive energy of our high quality crystals with the numerous benefits of soy wax. Each candle creates a mesmerizing magical experience by combining hand selected crystals for specific intention with a complementary scent, one that is bound to take you and your loved one on a romantic journey.
Rose quartz hearsCRYSTAL HEART
If you find red hearts too cheesy for your taste, try our exquisite crystal heart carving available in many different stones.  You can choose our mini hearts to place on your bedside to spark romance, or a statement piece to display in your living room; these gem is sure to gather a WOW response from your partner.
Crystal Jewelry
Necklace & Jewelry pieces
Browse through our range of crystals and pick one uniquely suited for your valentine. It could be her birthstone, zodiac or a favourite healing crystal, which you can choose to transform into one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. If that doesn’t make a woman happy on Valentine’s Day, we don’t know what will!

Chrysocolla Tumbled
Dhs. 30.00
Chrysoprase Tumbled Stone
Dhs. 20.00
Shangaan Amethyst Gridding Set (6 pcs)
from Dhs. 30.00
Shangaan Amethyst Raw Point
from Dhs. 295.00
Amazonite Bracelet Holder
from Dhs. 75.00