Himalayan Quartz - Gifts from the highest mountains

The Himalayan mountain range is home to 10 of the 14 highest peeks on this planet. The stunning beauty of the snowy Himalayan mountains is undeniable and humans have trained so hard to conquer the summit. But underneath all the glaciers, thick snow, subtropical woods and the harshest weather conditions lies some of the world’s rarest and most sparkling crystals - Himalayan quartz.

Pink Himalayan Quartz - copywriter OOAKSTONES

Pictures: Statement HImalayan Quartz, taken by ooakstones

These silicon dioxide minerals are be found in clear, blush-pink or golden color with pointed terminations. These color come from trace amounts of aluminum or phosphate, and specimens may contain small inclusions or phantoms of green chlorite, hematite, or other minerals.

Picture: The lead miner of the mining expedition team, pictured by our supplier

The indigenous peoples of this area believe that these crystals are the “Eyes of God’ that have the yang energies of these majestic mountains within them.  Their ancestors who wrote all Hindu scriptures used to live in these mountains to meditate in order to connect with energies.


Picture: The highest Krishna temple in the world, pictured by our supplier

Before embarking their trek to high altitudes of more than 12,000ft up to more than 18,000ft, the dedicated and experienced indigenous miners would first gathered and pray at the highest Krishna temple in the world, asking for permission and safe passage to the mountains. 

Picture: Sleeping tents used my miners, pictured by our supplier

Our supplier has a team of 10-12 miners, aged between 23-38.  They carry all the equipments with them as no cars is accessible in the area, spending their evenings in freezing cold make-shift camps.  And with their expert eyes, they identify potential host rock and begin the painstaking process to extract these rare beauties, haul them down when their expedition is over. 

However, the journey of these treasures does not end there.  Once they are brought back to the base, the glacial ice and mud are melted in buckets to expose these enchanting blessings of the mountain.  They are then carefully wrapped in boxes to ship around the world to shops like OOAKSTONES.

Absolute rare and precious gifts journey all the way from the majestic Himalayan mountains, place these crystals in your space to remind you to slow down and appreciate the present moment; to be one with the soul and nature and take in every blessing that the universe has to offer.

Its loving and calming frequency fills the aura with a blissful peace, embracing the Divine presence and opening the spiritual path to guidance and love with oneself and everything around. 

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