How to charge your crystals?

Many might believe that the next step after cleansing a crystal is to charge it, as if crystals are batteries that need to be recharged in order to continue working. Natural crystals take millions of years to form, I personally do not think humans can consume or drain their energy in a matter of hours. 

Charging crystals is more about fine-tuning a crystal’s energy by boosting them with the vibrations of nature that align with your intention. Charging methods include grounding crystals with energy that comes from the sun, moon, soil, water etc.

 Charge with sunshine

Place them under the Sun

Sunshine is often associated with happiness, joy, power, and vitality. Crystals, like citrine or carnelian, that align with these intentions love to have a little sunbathing. Place your crystal for a few hours outside or next to the window sill where sunlight reaches it. The downside of placing them in the sun is that some crystals like Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Fluorite, might lose their colour after long exposure to sunshine. Also pay extra attention when placing a round/dome shaped crystal under direct sunlight as they tend to act like a magnifying glass and could start a fire.


Charge with full moon

Place them under a full Moon

Full moon is the most popular time to charge a crystal. Full moon represents completeness, wholeness, manifesting, clarity and intuition. If you are working with a crystal that aligns with these qualities, boost its energy by placing the crystal outside or next to the window overnight during a full moon. It doesn’t have to be exactly ON the night of the full moon and can also be done one or two days before or after the full moon.

 Caution: If you are putting a crystal with heavy metal content like Pyrite, beware of the morning fog/temperature change as condensation can occur and the crystal might start to rust.


Submerge them in Natural water 

Oceans, lakes and streams work best with crystals that have releasing and inner-strength properties. Cleansing a crystal with the energy of water can release energy from a crystal that doesn’t serve you. Put your crystal in a little bag, hold on tight and let it stay underwater for around 5 minutes. 

Tip: Give your crystal a quick rinse using tap/mineral water as salt in the ocean can damage your crystal over time.


Cover them in Soil/ Plants/ Flowers

You can place your crystal directly in the soil to cleanse and charge it with Earth’s energies. You can also cover or wrap your crystal with flowers or leaves. For example, wrap or completely cover your Rose Quartz with rose petals to bring in the loving vibration or bury Amethyst in a pile of lavender to soak up the relaxing qualities of the flower.


Place them in a copper pyramid

Copper is a great energy conductor and the shape of a pyramid amplifies the energy. Pyramids also represent preservation and protection so this method is great when working with a crystal with the intention to protect. Simply place your crystal at the center of copper pyramids for a few hours.

Charge them with other crystals

Crystals can also be charged using other crystals. For example, Clear Quartz is the master healer that brings in universal energy. Simply place your crystal on top of a Clear Quartz cluster overnight to enhance your intention. You can also use a Selenite Charging Bar and charge your crystal by placing it on the bar overnight.


Which one is your favorite method to charge your crystal?


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