Our Father's Day Gift Guide

If you think healing crystals are only for women, think again. Our exclusive range of handmade products is a great way to incorporate these gemstones in the ‘macho’ life. And what better way to tell the most special man in your life what a wonderful dad he is, than by gifting a personalized crystal gift this Father’s day!

Smoky Quartz Bowls: Made from the ‘Stone of Power,’ these quartz bowls are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. While the gemstone works towards bringing emotional calmness and harmony, the bowl can serve as a holder for his keys, wallet, mobile etc. He can place it in his bedroom or on his desk to experience the powerful grounding and balancing nature of this crystal.


Smoky bowls 

Bracelets: Bold, chunky and classy – these statement bracelets are a perfect gift for the ‘cool’ dad. They can be made from Black Tourmaline (acts as a security guard, shedding negative energy and turning it into positive energy) or Shungite (the Stone of Life which acts as a powerful grounding and balancing agent, also protecting from electromagnetic fields). Wearing them everyday can help purify the energy and boost optimistic powers.



Pyrite: This is a great motivation booster for him to keep at his workplace or even his gym. With its shimmery gold metallic hue and masculine persona, Pyrite is a must-have on his desk for him to feel inspired and motivated. He can even place it in his car or wallet to manifest confidence and abundance.



 Sodalite Slab

Crystal slabs: Another chic gift to make the dad feel special everyday, these slabs are trendy yet practical. They can be placed next to the bedside table for a small lamp, or in the bathroom for placing his personal toiletries, candles and cologne.




Smoky Quartz Clusters: If your guy is into stylish interiors and edgy home décor, consider gifting him one of our eccentric quartz clusters. Ranging from pale smoky gray to deep brown and black, these clusters have a masculine vibe which goes well with their grounding and detoxing properties. Each piece has a unique shape and will add to the personality of the room it is kept in.





Crystal candles: These eye-catcher candles combine the positive energy of our high quality crystals with the numerous benefits of soy wax. Each candle creates a mesmerizing magical experience by combining hand selected crystals for specific intention with a complementary scent. A lot of men use these as a guilty pleasure – allowing them to feel calm when taking a bath or after a long stressful day at work, even if they don’t admit it!








Chrysocolla Tumbled
Dhs. 30.00
Chrysoprase Tumbled Stone
Dhs. 20.00
Shangaan Amethyst Gridding Set (6 pcs)
from Dhs. 30.00
Shangaan Amethyst Raw Point
from Dhs. 295.00
Amazonite Bracelet Holder
from Dhs. 75.00