Top Crystals To Keep At Your Desk

Healing crystals are a great way to add beauty and charm to your workspace. Not only do they look visually stunning, but they also have numerous benefits which can help create a peaceful environment or pave the way for a successful career. With the global covid pandemic as a backdrop, a lot of us have also moved towards more flexible and personalized workspaces, which makes it all the more easier to add eccentric little gemstones to our customized desks.

Whether you are a student or you work from home, office, studio, cubicle or any other arrangement, here are some top crystals to spark up your work/study life.

As glamorous as the Oscars, Pyrite is the ultimate crystal for wealth and abundance.  A crystal charged with creativity, it is a power house of confidence, motivation, and productivity. The stone is a must-have for your workspace to help you feel active and inspired, and bring you prosperity.


Green adventurine
Aka "Stone of opportunity".  Green adventurine is considered one of the luckiest stone in the crystal kingdom.  It also silent your self-sabotage to overcome any energetic obstacles to success so you can reach your full potential.


If you are looking for motivation to move forward with ambition, drive and determination, then Carnelian is the stone for you. This orange stone is excellent in unblocking any sense of stale or lack of progression in your life and refueling it with purpose and the desire it excel.   Perfect for those with a go-getter attitude.


Black Tourmaline Healing crystals

Black Tourmaline
Want to keep gossip mongers and annoying co-workers at bay? Black Tourmaline can help. The Black Tourmaline is a mysterious and powerful protective stone which absorbs negative energy and must be cleanse often.  It automatically keeps negative energy away, which makes it perfect for you to work in a calm and positive environment.


This ‘Genius Stone’ has been celebrated for many years
for its ability to promote mental clarity, focus and inspiration. Fluorite clusters are particularly conducive to working with modern technologies. Their presence in work areas, labs or places of study helps the mind stay focused, organized and clear. Moreover, because of its ability to enhance intellectual skills and focus, fluorite is an excellent stone for students to concentrate better and avoid distractions.


Fluorite Healing crystals
Clear Quartz Healing Crystals

Clear Quartz
Known as the most powerful energy amplifier, the Clear Quartz is great at eliminating energy blockages, allowing energy to flow freely through your body. If you are feeling lost, demotivated or hazy in your thoughts and actions, place the Clear Quartz on your desk to bring back focus and clarity in your work life.


Red Tiger’s Eye
Perfect for those seeking action and performance in their lives, the Red Tiger’s Eye works best for those looking for increased motivation and for overcoming lethargy. The gem energizes the owner with a fierce strength and courage that removes blockages and opens the door for new challenges and opportunities.


Red Tiger's Eye Healing gemstone crystals
Blue Kyanite Healing crystal

Blue Kyanite
If public speaking or confrontational meetings make you nervous, make blue gemstones your best friend. Blue kyanite work particularly well with the throat chakra, helping in open communication and self-expression. It is a popular choice amongst teachers, performers and public speakers as it strengthens the voice and allows self-expression and is thus a great choice before a big interview, verbal exam or sales pitch.


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