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Looking for a unique, personalized gift for someone who is recently graduating? Graduation gifts do not have to be typical or boring; you can choose from our range of crystals to give a gift that is distinctive, thoughtful and personal.

We have selected 6 different crystals perfect for graduation gifts. They are picked based on their unique metaphysically properties that might be helpful for the fresh graduate.  You can give these individually or as a lovely collectors gift set. To make it even more special, get a customized version based on the receiver’s favourite shapes, animal or a statement jewelry piece! Reach out to us to know how you can add a personalized touch to your gift.



The Stone of Hope, this one is a perfect gift for someone ready to step into the ‘real world.’ Considered to be the ultimate good luck stone anyone could have, the Amazonite promotes inner peace and tranquility, allowing the person to be true to oneself and free from biases of the world. With a stone that promotes such courage and confidence, you can be sure the receiver is ready to pursue his/her dreams and take on the world.


Often called ‘The Merchant Stone’ or ‘The Success Stone,’ Citine is often associated with wealth and abundance. It truly is like sunshine encapsulated in a crystal, boosting joy and optimism, equipping one with the motivation to charge ahead and seize the day.



As glamorous as the Oscars, Pyrite is the ultimate crystal for wealth and abundance. A gemstone charged with creativity, it is a power house of confidence, motivation, and productivity. Thus it becomes a perfect gift for someone who is stepping into the most ambitious phase of his/her life.


This is a stone which has been used in talismans from ancient Egypt to Napoleon, for its ability to provide confidence and direction. For a new graduate who may be needing focus and direction, this orange stone is a perfect gem as it helps unblock any sense of stale or lack of progression in life (perhaps doubts/difficulties in student life) and refuels it with passion and confidence.


What better gift than the ‘Genius Stone’ for someone recently graduating? At a time when young minds need to shift energies from one essential phase of their life to another (for instance job search), this stone serves as a grounding base for providing clarity, focus and inspiration. It helps soothe a chaotic mind and reorganize the mind and body to focus on the task at hand.

Apatite: The stone of movitation, Blue Apatite is a perfect gem for those seeking greater will-power, whether it is for healthy eating, job hunting or your new year resolutions. It clears away confusion, apathy or negativity, thereby stimulating the intellect to expand knowledge and truth. Blue apatite is attuned to your throat chakra and also helps with public speaking and group communication, both of which are key skills required in fresh graduates.