Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – The Ooakstones Way! FOR HIM EDITION

Feb 4, 2021

Are crystals for Men? Absolutely! Share your passion of crystals with your guy and open his eyes to the wonders of the Crystal Kingdom.


Pyrite crystals
Pyrite for the office
If your man is a macho who isn’t into mushy gifts, get him these Pyrite points for his office. Tall, elegant and eye-catching, these Pyrite towers are the ultimate crystals for wealth and abundance. Boost your man’s confidence by placing them in his work space which will also remind him of you!
Clear Quartz Crystal
The crystal towers are also available in Clear Quartz, the Master Healer amongst all crystals. Eliminating energy blockage from your body, quartz restores clarity of mind, and allow energy to flow smoothly throughout the body. Help enhance your loved one’s creativity by gifting it for his desk.
There are few things as attractive as a man who carries accessories well. If your partner appreciates male jewelry, get him these masculine bracelets in his birthstone or zodiac crystal. You can pick from our beaded collection or our adjustable gem bracelets.
Crystal bowl
These multipurpose bowls are a perfect gift for men who prefer practical gifts. Made in your favourite stone, these bowls can serve as holders for keys, coins and watches, and even as soap dishes – it is up to your man how he decides to use it!
howlite healing crystal
If you are looking for an elegant signature gift for your man, our Howlite sphere is a perfect one to place at home or in office. Howlite is known for its soothing, peaceful energy that helps relieve stress and calm extreme tempers. Its beautiful white colour is symbolic of the purity, tranquility and spirituality it brings into your life, and is a great stone for anyone seeking peace and harmony, making it a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day!