Why should we have crystal in our space?

Have you ever walked into a space and have that funny eeky feeling? Or a sense of warmth and openness? Call it Feng Shui or color therapy, you are sensing the energy of the space.

By welcoming crystals into your space, you aren’t just decorating it but also giving a home to a crystal that will end up being your confidante! Crystal has an amazing ability to lift energy in a space or in any living creature.  You might not be able to see, to taste or to smell energy.  But you know it is there because you can sense it.  You can feel it when the energy is balanced and harmonized, you feel at ease.

A popular intention for crystals is to manifest well-being; to ensure the energy in your space flows in harmony and protects you from external negative energy.

For centuries, crystals have proven to be beneficial and have been a great ally to human race. Ancient Egyptians adorned themselves with different types of crystals as jewelry or in the form of cosmetics while Shamans and healers in many indigenous cultures used crystals as part of their rituals as tools to connect them to spirits and earth.

Benefits of crystal

Harnessing the energy of the earth, crystals bring balance, harmony, and a sense of peace. Amplifying the atmosphere at home while clearing away negativity, crystals are catalysts to living a healthier and happier life. With positivity and purity flowing through the space, they encourage mindfulness and help you build better connections with yourself, your surroundings and the earth.

Does it really work?

There is a scientific explanation as to how crystal can affect our well being.  All matters vibrate at different frequencies. Crystals, humans, trees and even your pets vibrates at different frequencies. 

Crystal are very stable solids and vibrates at a constant and steady rate due to its repeating crystalline structure and have a stronger, higher amplitude than human. Humans also vibrate with a certain frequencies but as complex beings, our frequencies can easily go out of whack. That is why we use crystals as facilitators to recalibrate our own frequencies to its natural state resulting in a healthier mind-body-soul connection and a positive outlook on life.  They are our personalized tuning forks!

Choosing the perfect crystal

So are you excited to welcome some crystals into your space?  But with 5000+ known crystals, it can be tricky to pick one. Allow us to help! Here are some easy ways in which you can choose:

By colour: To fit into the colour scheme and match with your interior!  Believe it or not, the color scheme you choose for your space said a lot about you and what your vision is for your space. Picking a crystal that matches the color scheme would certainly fits into your intention.

By properties: You can also look up properties of your short listed crystal and see which one best match your intention. 

By intuition: Choose a crystal based on your gut feeling. Which crystal attracts you the most? Which one can you not keep your eyes off of? Which one does your body respond to? Some people might feel a zap, or a buzz or warmth or a tingle when they come across or touches a crystal. Which one do you feel the most drawn to?

Remember to also choose the right size.  If you want to place a crystal in a big open space, a 5cm point is not going to add much to the room.  Pick a piece that is proportional to the size of your space. 

At ooakstones, we specialize in home decor crystal statement pieces that are perfect to be showcased and light up living rooms or smaller, more personal pieces crafted to fit your bedroom. Be it for your own space or a gift for a loved one, our intricate pieces could make any place feel like home. Take them to work, yoga or meditation healing classes and enjoy their positivity in a peaceful and light environment! 

Email/ DM us to find your perfect crystal ally for you!

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