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    Fluorite Moon Carving
    Dhs. 150.00
    Clear Quartz Mushroom Carving
    Dhs. 125.00
    Druzy agate moon 408g
    Dhs. 350.00
    Argentine Blue Banded Calcite Generator
    from Dhs. 300.00
    Purple Fluorite with Mica Tower
    from Dhs. 220.00
    Adjustable Faceted Cube Necklace- Blue Apatite
    Dhs. 250.00
    Adjustable Faceted Cube Bracelet- Tourmalated Quartz
    Dhs. 115.00
    Adjustable Faceted Cube Necklace-Grey Moonstone
    Dhs. 180.00
    Adjustable Faceted Cube Necklace-Sodalite
    Dhs. 180.00
    Adjustable Faceted Cube Bracelet- Moonstone
    Dhs. 130.00
    Adjustable Faceted Cube Bracelet- Jade
    Dhs. 115.00
    Adjustable Faceted Cube Bracelet- Green Adventurine
    Dhs. 115.00
    Clear Calcite Specimen
    Dhs. 2,850.00
    Agate Butterfly
    from Dhs. 1,650.00
    Clear Quartz Flame
    from Dhs. 95.00
    Adjustable Faceted Cube Bracelet- Labradorite
    Dhs. 115.00
    Adjustable Faceted Necklace- Sunstone
    Dhs. 140.00
    Adjustable Faceted Cube Necklace- Prehnite
    Dhs. 235.00
    Raw Blue Fluorite
    from Dhs. 55.00
    Moss Agate Point
    from Dhs. 55.00
    Monochrome Agate Slice
    from Dhs. 190.00
    Pink Tinted Clear Quartz Cluster
    from Dhs. 225.00
    OOAKSTONES Moss agate crystal bowl in  carved in cat shape
    OOAKSTONES Moss agate crystal bowl, green and white pattern cut in cat shape with a ring in it.
    Moss Agate Cat Bowl
    Dhs. 260.00
    Large Fluorite Double Terminated Points
    Dhs. 265.00
    Clear Quartz Cluster - R2
    from Dhs. 135.00
    Moon Face Carving
    from Dhs. 200.00
    Crystal Flame
    from Dhs. 125.00
    Rainbow Fluorite Butterfly
    Dhs. 130.00
    Blue Fluorite Butterfly
    Dhs. 110.00
    Shaped Agate Plate
    Dhs. 190.00
    #10 Silver Rutilated Quartz 52g
    Dhs. 135.00
    Laser Wand Cluster 289g
    Dhs. 550.00
    Fire Quartz Lingham 144g
    Dhs. 190.00