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    Raw Black Tourmaline
    from Dhs. 70.00
    Friendship quartz Geode
    from Dhs. 100.00
    Chrysanthemum Clear Quartz Cluster
    from Dhs. 355.00
    Golden Libyan Tektite
    from Dhs. 165.00
    close up on the geometric grow structure of a pyrite cluster
    Mexican Pyrite clusters sparkles on a cream color fabric
    Pyrite Cluster
    from Dhs. 250.00
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    Amethyst Mini Clusters
    from Dhs. 30.00
    from Dhs. 45.00
    Kundalini Citrine Cluster
    from Dhs. 840.00
    Black Kyanite Fan
    from Dhs. 60.00
    Pink Samadhi Himalayan Quartz
    from Dhs. 40.00
    Kunzite Raw Chuck
    from Dhs. 15.00
    Champagne yellow citrine lemurian held in hand
    Champagne yellow citrine lemurian placed on mirror
    Citrine Lemurian Point
    Dhs. 215.00
    Herkimer Diamond
    from Dhs. 120.00
    Raw Statement Black Tourmaline
    from Dhs. 400.00
    Raw Moldavite
    from Dhs. 460.00
    Treated Citrine Clusters
    from Dhs. 240.00
    Rich royal blue azurite malachite on display
    Royal Blue azurite with malachite
    Raw Azurite
    from Dhs. 85.00
    Ameythst Wand
    Dhs. 80.00
    Pineapple Quartz
    from Dhs. 45.00
    Amethyst Butterfly
    from Dhs. 100.00
    Clear Etched Lemurian Laser
    from Dhs. 100.00
    Natural Zambian Citrine Raw Points
    from Dhs. 220.00
    Apophyllite clusters -R3
    from Dhs. 165.00
    Vera Cruz
    Dhs. 120.00
    Raw Mini Black Tourmaline
    from Dhs. 30.00
    Smoky and citrine celestial quartz
    Smoky and citrine celestial quartz placed in a group
    Smoky / Citrine Elestial Quartz
    from Dhs. 35.00
    OOAKSTONES - Lithum quartz crystals with taupe color
    OOAKSTONES - Lithum quartz crystal with taupe color inclusion
    Lithum Quartz Raw Point
    from Dhs. 50.00
    Spainish pyrite cube on matrix displayed on white ceramic hand holder
    Spanish Pyrite Cube in perfect condition
    Spanish Pyrite Cube
    Dhs. 100.00
    Dreamsicle Lemurian Point
    from Dhs. 30.00
    Lemurian Point
    from Dhs. 255.00
    Brandberg Amethyst Clusters
    Dhs. 380.00
    Amethyst Clusters in Moon & Star Shape
    from Dhs. 260.00
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    Celestite Tower
    Dhs. 560.00
    Natural Citrine Raw Points
    Dhs. 805.00
    Apophyllite clusters -R2
    Dhs. 178.00
    Apophyllite styled on books
    Apophyllite on Blue Chalcedony
    from Dhs. 200.00
    Swiss Alps Quartz
    from Dhs. 130.00
    Smoky Quartz Clusters - General
    from Dhs. 105.00
    Pink Calcite Specimen
    Pink Calcite Specimen
    from Dhs. 75.00
    Cobalto Calcite
    Dhs. 200.00