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    Pink Amethyst Geode
    from Dhs. 100.00
    Pink Amethyst Moons
    from Dhs. 155.00
    Pink Amethyst Star
    Dhs. 140.00
    Pink Amethyst Geode cluster
    from Dhs. 40.00
    Pink Amethyst Sphere
    from Dhs. 560.00
    Pink Amethyst On Stand
    from Dhs. 295.00
    Pink Amethyst Cluster & Slab
    from Dhs. 340.00
    Adjustable Faceted Cube Necklace- Amethyst
    Dhs. 215.00
    Pink Amethyst Tower
    from Dhs. 355.00
    Pink Amethyst Heart
    from Dhs. 230.00
    Pink Amethyst Double Heart Plate
    Dhs. 1,440.00
    Flower agate Amethyst Free Form
    from Dhs. 650.00
    Salmon pink color pink amethyst jewelry dished with dried rose flowers in it styled on top of a rose quartz slab
    Lilac purple color pink amethyst jewelry dish with crystal ring and bracelet in it styled on top of a rose quartz slab and candle
    Pink Amethyst Jewelry Dish
    from Dhs. 410.00
    Pink Amethyst Statement Decor Slabs
    Sale price Dhs. 4,600.00 Regular price Dhs. 5,500.00 Save Dhs. 900