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    Garnet (Spessartine) Adjustable Bracelet
    Dhs. 80.00
    Dark Red Garnet bracelet
    Garnet Beaded Bracelet
    Dhs. 80.00
    Smoky Quartz Points
    from Dhs. 115.00
    Mini Selenite Point
    Dhs. 40.00
    Labradorite Heart
    from Dhs. 65.00
    Black Tourmaline Cube
    from Dhs. 70.00
    Raw Fibrous Malachite
    from Dhs. 35.00
    Garnet Football
    from Dhs. 165.00
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    Lava Stone/Hematite beaded bracelet
    Dhs. 100.00
    Golden Healer Heart
    from Dhs. 70.00
    Silver Sheen Obsidian Bracelet
    Dhs. 145.00
    Rainbow Obsidian Tearsdrop
    Dhs. 95.00
    Hand holding milky white Selenite, aka Satin Spar,  tower
    Selenite, aka Satin Spar, Tower (15cm)
    Dhs. 180.00
    Labradorite Sphere
    from Dhs. 76.00
    Selenite Candle Holder
    Dhs. 140.00
    Black Tourmaline on crystal matrix
    from Dhs. 200.00
    Shaped Agate Star
    Sale price Dhs. 160.00 Regular price Dhs. 230.00 Save Dhs. 70
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    Hematite Bracelet
    Dhs. 120.00
    Aquamarine Adjustable Bracelet
    Dhs. 110.00
    Black Tourmalated Beaded Bracelet
    Dhs. 85.00
    Labradorite Adjustable Bracelet
    Dhs. 80.00
    Garnet (Almandine) Adjustable Bracelet
    Dhs. 80.00
    A fleet of mini crystal flames
    Lavender Fluorite
    Mini Crystal Flame
    Dhs. 50.00
    Black tourmaline point styled with a candle
    Black Tourmaline Point
    from Dhs. 90.00
    Malachite drum bead bracelet
    Malachite Drum Bead Bracelet
    Dhs. 250.00
    Malachite heart shape bead bracelet
    Malachite Heart/Beaded Bracelet
    Dhs. 250.00
    Purple Labradorite Palm Stone
    Dhs. 90.00
    Selenite Earrings
    Dhs. 120.00
    Malachite Pyramid
    Dhs. 320.00
    Black Quartz Cluster
    from Dhs. 215.00
    Smoky Quartz Pyramid
    Dhs. 120.00
    Agate Penguin
    Dhs. 150.00
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    Garnet/Hematite/Smoky Quartz Bracelet
    Dhs. 135.00
    Crystal Snake Carving
    Dhs. 310.00
    Fire Quartz mini hearts
    Dhs. 60.00
    Flashy Labradorite Palm Stone
    from Dhs. 110.00
    Lepidolite Sphere
    from Dhs. 225.00
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    Crystal Howling Wolf
    Dhs. 140.00
    Garnet Sphere
    from Dhs. 175.00
    Mini Crystal Dogs
    from Dhs. 60.00