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    Malachite Tumbled
    from Dhs. 30.00
    Malachite slab
    from Dhs. 105.00
    Black Kyanite Fan
    from Dhs. 60.00
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    Malachite Round Beaded Bracelet
    from Dhs. 230.00
    Mini Malachite Point
    from Dhs. 20.00
    Mini Moss Agate Generator
    from Dhs. 60.00
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    Malachite Cube Beaded Bracelet
    Dhs. 95.00
    Raw Fibrous Malachite
    from Dhs. 70.00
    Malachite Charm
    Dhs. 50.00
    Druzy Moss Agate Point
    from Dhs. 55.00
    Malachite Free Form
    from Dhs. 50.00
    Malachite Sphere
    from Dhs. 195.00
    Crystal Heart Charm
    Dhs. 40.00
    Malachite Heart
    Dhs. 95.00
    Moss Agate With Amethyst Tower
    Dhs. 2,425.00
    Malachite Flat Beaded Bracelet
    Dhs. 150.00
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    Malachite heart shape bead bracelet
    Malachite Heart/Beaded Bracelet
    Dhs. 250.00
    Faden Quartz
    from Dhs. 150.00
    Malachite Jewelry Box
    from Dhs. 330.00
    Crystal Star Charm
    Dhs. 40.00
    Malachite Pyramid
    Dhs. 320.00
    Moss Agate Sphere
    Dhs. 270.00
    Malachite Pendant
    Dhs. 80.00
    Moss Agate Tower
    from Dhs. 520.00
    Round Malachite disk
    Dhs. 200.00
    Clover Charm
    Dhs. 40.00
    Moss Agate Point
    from Dhs. 55.00
    OOAKSTONES Moss agate crystal bowl in  carved in cat shape
    OOAKSTONES Moss agate crystal bowl, green and white pattern cut in cat shape with a ring in it.
    Moss Agate Cat Bowl
    Dhs. 260.00
    Malachite Butterfly
    Sale price Dhs. 200.00 Regular price Dhs. 280.00 Save Dhs. 80
    Moss Agate Star/Moon
    Dhs. 90.00