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    "Goal get-it" set
    Dhs. 33.33
    Raw Heated Amethyst, aka Citrine, Point
    from Dhs. 9.52
    Pyrite Nugget
    Dhs. 47.62
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    Natural Citrine Points
    Dhs. 466.67
    Jade Beaded Bracelet
    from Dhs. 114.29
    close up on the geometric grow structure of a pyrite cluster
    Mexican Pyrite clusters sparkles on a cream color fabric
    Pyrite Cluster
    from Dhs. 238.10
    Tiger's Eye beaded bracelet
    from Dhs. 80.95
    Kundalini Citrine Raw Cluster
    from Dhs. 238.10
    Mini Tiger's eye sphere
    from Dhs. 38.10
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    Pyrite adjustable Ring
    Dhs. 142.86
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    Tiger's eye palm stone
    Dhs. 28.57
    High Clarity Natural Brazilian Citrine
    from Dhs. 114.29
    Treated Citrine Clusters
    from Dhs. 180.95
    Tiger's eye Point
    from Dhs. 95.24
    Natural Zambian Citrine Raw Points
    from Dhs. 209.52
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    Raw Heated Amethyst, aka Citrine, Pendant
    Dhs. 57.14
    Red Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bracelet
    Dhs. 95.24
    Spainish pyrite cube on matrix displayed on white ceramic hand holder
    Spanish Pyrite Cube in perfect condition
    Spanish Pyrite Cube
    Dhs. 95.24
    Blue Tiger's Eye beaded bracelet
    from Dhs. 114.29
    Pyrite Clusters Heart
    Dhs. 114.29
    Natural Citrine Raw Points
    Dhs. 766.67
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    Tiger's eye Tumbled
    Dhs. 19.05
    Pyrite Fairy Dust Bottle
    Dhs. 38.10
    Arfvedsonite Point
    from Dhs. 90.48
    "High-Flyer" set
    Dhs. 171.43
    "Way 2 Bling" Set
    Dhs. 114.29
    Tiger's Eye heart on ceramic hand stand
    Yellow Tiger's eye heart
    Tiger's eye Heart
    from Dhs. 76.19
    Pyrite Pyramid
    from Dhs. 185.71
    Heated Amethyst, aka Citrine, Point
    from Dhs. 161.90
    Pyrite Skull
    from Dhs. 552.38
    Red tiger's eye tumbled
    Dhs. 9.52
    Pyrite Sphere
    from Dhs. 371.43
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    Golden Rutilated Quartz Beaded Bracelet
    Dhs. 133.33
    Beaded Jade Necklace
    Dhs. 123.81
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    Heat treated citrine sitting on books
    Heat treated citrine crystal on book
    Citrine, aka Heated Amethyst, Clusters
    Dhs. 423.81
    Smoky Free form
    from Dhs. 233.33
    Half Polished Smoky Quartz Point
    from Dhs. 76.19
    Adjustable Faceted Jade Necklace
    Dhs. 123.81
    Pyrite Palmstone
    Dhs. 152.38
    Pyrite with Quartz Cluster
    from Dhs. 90.48