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Mini Crystal Stars

It is truly remarkable how a tiny stone, if used correctly, can positively impact your personality and your life. Available in adorable Star/Heart/Moon shaped pieces, these mini crystals are characteristic of what they represent - love, warmth, positivity and radiant energy. Each crystal is carved and polished with extreme precision and care to bring to you a gemstone in its finest quality – a tiny piece which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, serving as your personal guide in life’s journey.

Whether you use these for meditation or healing, for balance or positive energy, for success or meaningful relationships, these mini crystals can be kept in your pocket, purse, drawer, car – anywhere where they give you a sense of security and direction. Think of it as your personalized cute little guardian angel which you can carry with you wherever you go!

These mini shapes come in a variety of crystals, and you can choose your personal requirements. The vibrant colours and charming shape make for a beautiful décor item, or can be used as part of a powerful crystal grid. And not to forget, they will make for the most endearing and personalized gift for loved ones – one they are bound to keep and cherish for a long time.