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Zodiac Set - VIRGO

Loyal | Gentle | Analytical

Element: Earth

The only sign represented by a female, the Virgo zodiac is characterized by wisdom, analysis and perfection. Virgos believe they know the best way to do things, and put in all their energy and hard work in ensuring that everything is perfect and in order. This search for perfection can sometimes make them critical of others, but that criticism comes from a place of care and concern, since they want the best for everyone. At heart, they are loyal and grounded like their element Earth and are extremely helpful towards others. They consider it their duty to analyze situations and solve problems for others, and this need for order and flawlessness can sometimes result in a conflict within their own personality.

Born with extreme intelligence and determination, Virgos are great thinkers and problem solvers. They are also very polite and well-mannered by nature and often have great memory. For a personality so deep and naturally gifted, these crystals can further enhance the powers and allow you to reach your full potential. You can use them separately or gift them as a set to a Virgo friend to help them achieve their dreams.

Birth stone: Sardonyx. Virgos are known for their integrity and virtue, and the Sardonyx resonates these qualities with its strong and stable energy. It is a stone of protection that enhances your inner morality, supplementing your will power and enhancing your self-control.

Abundance stone: Moss Agate. Virgos by nature tend to dissect and analyze a situation deeply, which may sometimes inhibit their emotional side. The Moss Agate allows them to be more aware of their feelings, and helps in the expression of emotions. Moreover, it allows the self-critical Virgos to be more accepting of themselves and of their positive qualities, thereby resulting in better self-esteem.

Moon stone: Amethyst. This crystal helps bring a spiritual element to your otherwise analytical nature. It is a grounding stone that helps set realistic goals for the perfectionist within you, and improves wellbeing through its calm and soothing energy. It can help stimulate inner vision to take a closer look at your everyday reality, and also serve as a guide on your path to spirituality.

Sun stone: Fluorite. Due to their innate ability to serve others, Virgos are drawn towards healing professions. Fluorite supports this by helping you understand the impact of emotions and mind on the body. It also has the most wonderfully inspiring Virgo stone color, the healing pale hue that encourages spirituality and connects with higher energies and realms.

Sun stone: Rutilated Quartz. The Virgo soul is on the path of altruistic service to others, and this uplifting crystal helps encourage a joyful spiritual service. It relieves fears, anxiety and helps promote forgiveness and strengthen intuition, thereby making you at peace with your inner self.