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Crystal Howling Wolf


Let go what no longer serves you to lightened your burden. Know that your spirit animal will walk and protect you during your soul journey to provide you valuable insight.

We at Ooakstones, believe in providing you with a complete and customized experience with our crystals. Our hand carved animal crystals are one of our most prized possessions, not only for the inherent healing properties of the crystals, but also because of the unique beauty and craft these pieces exhibit. Each animal is individually carved and polished to perfection, such that the splendor of the crystals is enhanced, making them exquisite to look at and special to hold.

Whether at home or your work desk, these crystal figurines are a unique way to add a chic and personalized touch to your decor while adding to the positive aura of your environment. They also make for perfect gifts; your child his or her favourite animal as a birthday gift or add a mama bear miniature with some chocolates in a basket to celebrate Mother’s day. Pop in an adorable rabbit in an envelope with a thank you card for a teacher or a cat for your feline-loving friend. Pick one that goes with their personality and their birth stone, and you are bound to be remembered for the giving the most thoughtful gift ever.