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Emerald tumbled



As vibrant and green as Nature itself, Emerald emits a fresh loving vibration that opens the heart chakra and draws love into your life. It is popularly known as the stone of successful love because it promotes self-love, loyalty, compassion and infinite patience. It is also a great source to keep negative energies at bay, purifying emotions and healing your heart.

Emerald can thus be thought of as a stone for regeneration and recovery. For those suffering from a broken heart, this vivacious crystal symbolizes that life is love and we can capture those everlasting moments for a lifetime if we treat them with truth and respect. By practicing balance, patience and empathetic listening, we attract successful love and friendships our way. Life is like an echo - what you send out, comes back, and if you radiate love, love will come back to you.


Personal space: Add this vibrant crystal to your home collection to fill your space with warm, loving and positive energy.

Jewelry: Emerald is one of the most popular crystals for jewelry. It can be worn as beautiful ornaments and to bring love, faithfulness and hope back in your life.

Bedroom/Meditation: Sleeping with these healing stones underneath your pillow, or meditating with an Emerald over your heart chakra will fill your heart with compassion and help you regain focus and clarity in your life.