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Garden Quartz


Lodolite, aka Garden Quartz, is an inclusion quartz that usually assembles underwater scenes, landscapes or colorful garden. They are also sometimes called Scenic Quartz.  Inclusion is often made up of Chlorite and/or feldspar, hematite with healing vibration amplified by clear quartz what grew around it.

With its soothing and manifesting energies, Lodolite is a great aid in meditation work by simply gazing into the stone to shift your consciousness.  It enhances your communication with higher realms and increase spiritual awareness.  It is also a dream stones that evoke lucid dreaming. Infused with calm but powerful strength.  It assists in getting over your past traumas. Connection with nature and shamans or spiritual healers. A powerful stone to use when setting intentions or to help manifest abundance in your life

Home and space

Place lodolite by your bed for vivid dreams and heightened spiritual awareness.

Hold a crystal during meditation to strengthen spiritual awareness. Living room to promote harmonious relationships with family and friends.

Stone Origin: Madagascar