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Goddess Carving

There is something so ethereal, so transcendental about the feminine energy. It is soft, gentle and caring, yet so strong, protective and resilient. It is firmly rooted with the earth, while it touches the heavens with its ability to love. It includes compassion as deep as a mother’s love, and bravery as strong as that of a female warrior.

The goddess is a celebrated symbol for this strength and endurance, embodying the root of all feminine energies and ideals. Our beautifully carved stone goddess is a perfect addition to any ritual or ceremony, to symbolically bring 'her' in and celebrate the mystical feminine powers. The goddess can mean different things to different people – she is often considered the great Teacher Stone – teaching us about love, compassion, sacrifice and forgiveness. Other times, she holds wishes, hopes and dreams and manifests them with you, strengthening your intention. 

But one of the most obvious and profound symbols she stands for is that of fertility and birth – not just of human beings, but of ideas, hopes, change, new beginnings. All seeds of change start first in our heart as an emotion, feeling or wish, and we must take that light from our heart (that rose quartz supports) and plant it within the ground to take form. Just like a mother nurtures her baby from conception till birth and later, we must embrace our thoughts and new beginnings, and nurture them for a more fruitful future for ourselves.

Available in Rose quartz/lemon quartz and fluorite.