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Mangano Pink Calcite Obelisk


These multi-hued pastel pink stones are often found with bands of Manganese, sometimes also containing pyrite/chalcopyrite. Characterized by their gentle appearance, they have the sweetest and most feminine energy of all the calcite varieties. With a vibration which is all about love, compassion and forgiveness, the stone works towards self-acceptance, releasing fear and grief that keeps your heart ‘trapped.’ The heat chakra opens up to connect you to the angelic realm, making you more receptive to the healing energy.  For those whose confidence may have recently taken a hit owing to a breakup, a hindrance in career or any other unpleasant situation, the Mangano Calcite can work wonders to get them back to unconditional love, self-confidence and inner joy. It also works well with Reiki healing, as it does to support a woman and her womb in all the stages of her sacred cycle. 


Place it on your heart while meditating and imagine yourself submerged in the healing pink bubble.