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"New Beginning" set

Pink Tourmaline


An the ultimate embodiment of love, compassion, and emotional well-being. Pink Tourmaline releases guilt, worry, depression and anxieties. It carves a protective aura around you, one that makes you feel reassured about love and builds trust, self-acceptance and connection.

* Hold it on your heart chakra and image your heart opens petal by petal as a pink flower.  As each petal opens, imagine releasing any gulit, worries and anxieties. Now feel safe - breath & relax.




An igniter and an activator for the lower  3 chakras.  Good to boosting womb energy and encourages kundalini energy to make you more active.

* Lie down, place carnelian on the womb area to remove any blockage and get the energy flowing, imagine/manifest whatever new beginning you would like and stay in that moment.


Rose Quartz


Stone of unconditional Love and activate your heart chakra so you are open to love in all shapes and forms. Its soft nurturing energy will spread throughout your body to balances your energy and give you confidence.

* Lie down, place rose quartz on your heart chakra and carnelian on the womb area.  Imagine loving energies circulate between your heart <-> Rose quartz <-> Carnelian <-> womb to create an inseparatable bond.  Keep the rose quartz in your bedroom