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Orange Calcite Half Polished Point


CHAKRA: Sacral

Known to be a massive energy amplifier, this stone acts as soulful nutrition to boost your creativity, optimism and overall wellbeing. Each colour has its own unique properties, but what is common among all is their ability to remove stagnant and negative energies from around you, radiating calm and positivity. The stone alleviates emotional stress and worry, replacing it with serenity and increased energy levels.

Calcite helps form a connection between your emotions and intellect, thereby increasing your emotional intelligence and accelerating spiritual development. It therefore makes you more confident and firm in your intentions, acting as a stabilizing agent to help you trust yourself and overcome obstacles in life. Moreover, through heightened awareness and spiritual awakening, it helps boost memory and increase insight and decision making, making it a useful stone for students and professionals.

Orange Calcite:

Increase vitality and focus

Promotes joy and hapinness and creativity

Increase motivation and energies