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Shiva Heart

Your Intuitive Superpower




Also known as Pacific Cat’s Eye, the Shiva Shell is a beautiful divination crystal with blue and black bands naturally carved in the shape of an eye. Its unique appearance is symbolic of the inner eye, which gives the wearer a sharper intuition and wisdom. The fluidity of its lines and its shape stands for the creation, destruction and preservation of all the flows of life, spiritual knowledge and the constant change towards the creative visualization.

Deriving its name from the Hindu God Shiva, it is a lucky talisman which symbolizes the ‘Third Eye of Shiva,’ connecting directly to the sight and knowledge of God and providing divine protection to its owner.

The Shiva Shell is one of the most significant stones associated with the sixth sense, intelligence, and divine connection. It raises the power of intuition, concentration, mental imagery, extrasensory perception and physical abilities of the person who puts it on. It is also used for understanding the dreams and for heightened perception of the world around us. Because it helps us understand ourselves and the world better, it renders a clearer, more positive and peaceful outlook towards life.


How to use: 


Meditation/healing: With a stone so deeply enriched with the power of perception and wisdom, the Shiva Shell is ideal for meditation. It heightens all the senses and connects you to the third eye chakra for a spiritually enhancing experience. Lie down and place it on your third eye while meditating.

Personal space: You can keep it in your purse or bedroom, but the best way to maximize its energy is to wear it or keep it as close to the skin as possible.