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Sunstone spheres


Origin: Canada, US, India, Norway, Greece and Russia

Appearance: Orange/Yellow/red brown color with iridescent reflection

Chakra: Root / Sacral 

A joyful stone that carries the warmth and strength of the sun.  Remember how you feel when you lie on the grass in a park, birds chirping and sun is shinning in your face?  Sunstone gives you exactly that feeling - optimism, happiness and positivity.  It is also a light-inspiration stone that expand consciousness and protects you from negative energy.

In ancient greek mythology, it was thought to represent the sun god Helios and believed to bring good luck and fortune for those that carried it.

With the radiating energy of the sun, sunstone brings in Light to clear all the chakras so our inner joy can shine through once more.  This cheerful crystal brings self-empowerment, independence, and vitality to lift dark moods and restore enthusiasm.

How to use:

As jewelry to relieve stress and attract abundance in your life.

In office: to enhance productivity and encourage the flow of new and fresh ideas (creativity) and stay focused and energized throughout the day,