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Zodiac Bracelet - SAGITTARIUS

Optimistic | Humor | Idealistic

Element: Fire

Bracelet comes in 16cm inner circumference 

Should you require a different size, please email:

Please measure your wrist size as readjustment would not be possible.


Characterized by the symbol of centaur (half-man, half-animal), Sagittarians are free-spirited, adventurous and enthusiastic about life. Restless and curious by nature, Sagittarians tend to live in the future, always being idealistic and on the go. They have a strong desire to find their true purpose, which gives them the freedom to be optimistic, honest and passionate about life, just like their element fire.

Their key challenge though, is combining the rational mind with the animal instinct. They are independent and like to live life on their own terms, which may at times need a balancing force to add stability to their lives. The crystals below are perfect for Sagittarius as they help bring out the best in their strong leader-like and determined personalities, while helping to strike a balance from an emotional perspective.


Labradorite Stimulating your intuition, this gemstone energizes your imagination and prompts new ideas. It connects you to universal wisdom and the highest possible levels of consciousness.


Citrine. If you are feeling a burn-out or depletion in your energy, hold on to a Citrine. The vitality of Citrine can help you recharge and renew passion for life, which is the true mark of a Sagittarius.