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Zodiac Bracelet - SCORPIO

Brave | Passionate | Stubborn

Element: Water

Charismatic, passionate and alluring, Scorpios possess a magnetic personality with strong leadership and survival instincts. They are persistent and like to get to the bottom of things. Their determination leads them to success and self-fulfillment. However, this stubborn attitude may sometimes come at the cost of self-destruction, and a tongue that can be sharp which may sting themselves as well as others. Scorpios have a deep personality and have trouble letting things go.

With their can-do attitude and drive to succeed, Scorpios are known to create transformation and make things happen. Their creative, intuitive and leadership personalities can be further complemented through these gemstones which will help bring harmony and channelize their positive energy.

Birth stone: Malachite. A protective stone, Malachite helps absorb negative energy and bring transformation at all levels. It helps you to gain insight from both subconscious mind and higher consciousness, and release distressing experiences from the past.


Aquamarine. You may sometimes be too quick to judge, and Aquamarine is here to balance that out. It helps bring harmony in your personality, reducing intolerance and judgments.