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Zodiac Bracelet - TAURUS


Element: Earth

Bracelet comes in 16cm inner circumference 

Should you require a different size, please email:

Please measure your wrist size as readjustment would not be possible.


Characterized by the element Earth, Taureans are grounded, practical, determined and ambitious. They are notorious for being headstrong like their symbol bull, but they are also deeply passionate and committed. They have strong opinions and like to adhere to their comfort zone and status quo, but their fierceness and resilience can sometimes lead them to push boundaries. Perhaps one of the best personality traits of Taureans is their loyalty and dependability. They are devoted friends and lovers, which can help explain their tendency to also get jealous and possessive at times. Despite being stubborn, they are charismatic and make friends easily.


So if you have a Taurean friend or are a Taurean yourself, the stones below would be perfect for the charming and spirited personality a Taurus possesses.

Crystals in this bracelet:

Malachite. This is the Stone of Transformation which helps you achieve strength and endurance. It allows you to step out of your comfort zone, push your limits and accept new opportunities, thus leading you to success and abundance.


Aquamarine. This is the perfect stone to help Taureans break out of their comfort zone and challenge the status quo. It gives them courage to take risks, test the horizon and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Lapis Lazuli