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Zodiac Set - ARIES


Element: fire

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the ram. Aries are filled with passion, vibrancy and creativity, with the ability to have a strong focus and innate leadership traits. They are adventurous and optimistic, yet their self-confidence can sometimes make it challenging to find the fine balance egotism and selflessness. Usually in control of themselves and their circumstances, Aries can sometimes become self-absorbed, and also dislike any criticism directed towards them. With a fiery personality and direct approach, Aries are self-motivated, bold and spontaneous.

For a personality so dynamic and adventurous, the below mentioned crystals can help bring out the best qualities in an Aries. Perfect to be given as a gift set or to be used individually, these stones can help achieve balance and trigger success for the confident and motivated Aries personality.

Birth stone: Ruby. Resonating with Aries’ passion and vitality, this crystal allows your strong inner self to shine through by being consciously brave and happy.  It can also enhance your focus, support inherent leadership ability and allow you to be at peace with yourself.

Abundance stone: Carnelian. Restore balance between assertion and aggression, it is excellent stone for achieving peace and harmony, and will also keep you safe from karmic inheritance.

Moon stone: Chrysoprase. Chrysoprase facilitates in recognition of the egoistic motives, cultivating love and compassion. It removes emotional blocks to make you more empathic of others, along with being more patient and capable of change. It is a perfect stone to bring balance and serenity in your personality.

Sun stone: Pyrite. Closely related with the Aries ruler Mars, Pyrite adds tenacity and diplomacy to your multidimensional personality. The stone attracts spiritual abundance and financial prosperity, and can help you feel courageous and empowered.

Sun stone: Citrine.  Great stone for creative and headstrong Aries; it supports the intellectual development to encourage an open-mind and positive perspective, allowing the acceptance of constructive criticism and providing guidance on how to use it well.