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Zodiac Set - CANCER

Emotional | Protective | Intuitive

Element: Water

Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, ruled by the Moon and symbolized by the crab.  Cancerians are known for their high emotional quotient, and are generally found to be caring, generous and loyal. While their sensitivity usually makes them great at relationships and communication, it can also make them a bit moody (symbolized by the ‘moon’ which changes throughout the month) and they can also get overemotional and feel easily hurt by others.

When at their best, Cancerians are imaginative and intuitive. With the help of the crystals mentioned below, Cancer sun signs can enhance their natural gifts, achieve greater balance and fulfill their goals. These crystals also work together with their personal energy fields to provide support and balance.

Birth stone: Moonstone. This stone is characteristic of the energy of Cancer as it is connected to the energy of the moon and water. It symbolizes new beginnings and transformation, while enhancing the gift of intuition. It helps balance emotions, and bridges intuition with practical application. Moonstone also opens to the possibility of serendipity and synchronicity.

Abundance stone: Ruby. Cancerians are usually ambitious and passionate, which makes Ruby perfect for them. It provides the energy to push them forward towards their goals, nurture their hidden talents and exude confidence and courage.

Moon stone: Red Jasper. This is a highly nurturing and grounding stone, which soothes the emotions and offers spiritual protection. Rather than seeking validation of your feelings and emotions outside, meditate daily with a nurturing red jasper helps you to look inwards.

Sun stone: Chrysoprase. Since Cancerians are known to be moody and emotional, this crystal is a must-have for emotional healing. It energizes the heart chakra and encourages Cancerians to be more emotionally independent without losing commitment.

Sun stone: Rhodonite. This is another stone that helps in healing from past emotional scars. It releases the need for co-dependency, thereby allowing them to feel more secure with themselves and in their relationships.