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Zodiac Set - GEMINI

Expressive | Adaptable | Gentle

Element: Air

Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the twins, which may be why Geminis are often associated with dual personalities, a mix of energies and quick-changing moods. They are often playful, curios and witty. They may seem to have conflicting thoughts or emotions, but this ability also allows them to see both sides of an argument and makes them creative and adaptive.

Geminis at their core are dynamic, adventurous and easy-going. But like their element air, they can sometimes be unpredictable and can get bored with one task or activity. For a personality so varied and interesting, it is essential to identify the stones that amplify the strengths and keep them grounded. The below mentioned stones each complement the Gemini personality in a unique way, and can also be used together to bring overall balance and harmony.

Birth stone: Agate. This is the most perfect stone for the Gemini as it complements the duality in their nature, allowing them to focus on the details while still seeing the bigger picture. Geminis are usually great at multitasking, being active both physically and mentally, and Agate helps ground this energy and offer stability.


Abundance stone: Chrysocolla.  Communication is one of the key strengths of a Gemini, although they can sometimes be quick and straightforward in sharing their opinions without putting in too much thought. Connecting with the energy of the Chrysocolla stone can help them take things in first, weighing their words and reminding them to be good listeners. It balances the heart chakra to encourage a flow of positive feelings, leading to an improvement in communication and relationships.


Moon stone: Apophyllite. This is a powerful energy transmitter and can help develop your intuition. This is a high vibration crystal that can stimulate spiritual growth and also reduce stress and anxiety when used regularly.


Sun stone: Howlite. This crystal allows the Gemini to further hone their naturally sharp mental capacities, helping them make sense of the multiple thoughts going through their heads. It has a soothing energy for the busy minds and also encourages emotional expression.

Sun stone: Aquamarine. If you are looking to calm your active and busy mind, then this is the stone for you. Aquamarine helps to soothe the overactive mind and overcome fears that may hold a Gemini back from his true potential. Aquamarine symbolizes the expansive oceans of the planet and thus boosts the adventurous spirit of the Gemini, allowing you to become more courageous and confident. It helps relieve mental stress and brings more love and gentleness in the communication.