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Zodiac Set - LEO

Self-assured | Warm-hearted | Creative

Element: Fire



The middle of the summer zodiac sign is the Leo, linked to the sun with all its warmth, light and energy. Represented by the lion, Leos are natural leaders – brave, courageous and fiery. They thrive on power and attention and have a strong sense of personal identity. While they can sometimes come across as chaotic and arrogant, they are generally quite warm, generous and caring.

Leos shine bright like the sun, and for a personality so dynamic and vibrant, these crystals can help achieve balance and greater success. Their benefits can be utilized individually, or even as a set to amplify the effects and bring out the best in your Leo traits.

Birth stone: Blue Tiger’s eye. One of the best crystals for Leo, it helps them understand their emotions and heal their emotional wounds as their dignity gets hurt easily. Blue Tiger’s eye has a calm and steady energy that helps them keep their cool by enhancing their natural confidence and joy. It is protective stone that facilities constructive manifestation of their strong will. 

Abundance stone: Yellow Tiger’s eye. This stone resonates with the fiery nature of a Leo, resonating with your sunny self to promote your innate talents and helping you achieve your potential. It supports your innate integrity and helps promote your talent and display your creativity.

Moon stone: Ametrine. Strong emotional block is your pride.  Ametrine helps separate your emotions and shield your heart from harm. It has a positive energy that helps you see the good side of things, encouraging you to love life and nurture your heart.

Sun stone: Rose Quartz. Being filled with strong emotions, Leos often tend to hold on to emotional hurts inside them and suffer in silence. The Rose Quartz can help deal with these wounds, soften the heart and mind in tough times. With this stone, Leos can achieve self-acceptance and an empathy for others, resulting in more a more content life and relationships.

Sun stone: Garnet. This gemstone is very similar to the Leo symbol of the lion, promoting loyalty, strength and courage. It helps achieve greater self-confidence and emotional balance, along with keeping you calm and centred. Because it brings out the exuberance of the Leo energy, it can ignite your creativity and the power of manifestation.