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Zodiac Set - Libra

Social | Diplomatic | Gracious 


Element: Air

Ruled by the planet Venus, the Libra sign stands for all things related to balance and harmony. Libras find their true potential in negotiation and conflict resolution, as the sense of equilibrium and harmony gives them a feeling of control. They insist on open and honest communication in relationships, and are very sociable and people-pleasers in nature.


Characterized by the symbol of weighing scales, one of the biggest challenges Libras face is the need to seek balance everywhere, which can often lead them to put other people’s needs before theirs, and get them to overthink situations. As an air sign, sometimes Libra can be challenged to live in the present and not get caught up in indecisions in the search for a perfect solution.  These Libra stones can help counteract this weakness by balancing yin and yang energies, giving them the balance and support they need to make decisions with purpose and confidence. 

Birth stone: Lapis Lazuli. One of the best crystals for Libra, the Lapis Lazuli aids them in pressing on their opinion and not giving in to pressure from other people. It helps align their mental and spiritual needs to restore equilibrium that is vital to a Libra.

Abundance stone: Blue Celestite. Because of their need for the perfect harmonious solution, Libras can sometimes be conflicted and indecisive. This stone helps bring deep inner peace and openness to new experiences.  It also improves dysfunctional relationships and opens the space for peaceful discussion.

Moon stone: Rose Quartz. Happy, peaceful relationships are very important to Libras, sometimes even at the cost of disregarding their own needs. Rose quartz, a stone of unconditional love promotes peace and supports relationship of all kinds. This crystal not only teaches you to love yourself, but also enhances self-acceptance and in turn brings self-confidence.  Hold the rose quartz at your heart and feel the unconditional love flowing from the crystal to your heart.

Sun stone: Tiger’s Eye. Libras are often so consumed by looking out for others’ feelings that they can often feel guilty for catering to their own. The Tiger’s Eye allows you to do exactly that – listen to your own needs and emotions, completely and unapologetically.

Sun stone: Aquamarine. Connected with the element air, Libras have a very constructive mind and acute insight. However, When your insight because too judgmental, turn to aquamarine to aid empathy and tolerance.  Wearing Aquamarine jewelry or keeping it with you can also help you feel calm and harmonious in the face of chaos and confrontation.